Sneak Peek for Fall: Estee Lauder Metallic Trios


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canon2 031

I received a beautiful Fall 2012 Metallic Eyeshadow Trio courtesy of Estee Lauder.

canon2 043

canon2 037

This particular palette is called “Beach Metals” and is a gorgeous blend of coppery corals and deep reds; it is truly flattering with every skin tone! I am very pleased with these shadows because they are SO pigmented. Shadow primer isn’t necessary with these shadows but will definitely enhance the look. I have also applied this shadow wet for a very metallic look. Estee Lauder was very consumer friendly when creating this palette because each shadow is a different size. Typically, the lightest shade is the one that I “hit pan” on first- ladies you know what I’m talking about! So it is no surprise the lightest shade is the biggest. The light coral shade is the second biggest, and the darkest shade is the smallest because of the dark pigmentation.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of smokey eye looks. Smokey eyes are perfect for everyday and can actually be created using any color. I thought the Beach Metals palette would be perfect for a smoky look!

Here is a quick mini-tutorial on how to create a smoky eye with this palette:

#1 Prep the eye for the shadow. I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly.

canon2 020

#2 Apply the lighter shade below the brow and the darkest shade on the lid just below the natural crease all the way to the lash line.canon2 024

#3 Take the middle shade and blend into the natural crease of the eye; right between the two colors just appliedcanon2 028.

#4 This is the finished look, how easy was that? You can also line the lower lashes with the darkest shade to add depth to the eye and a little more “smokiness”. And of course line the waterlines with a black pencil.

canon2 026

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am in love with these shadows and cant wait to see what other colors will be launched in the Fall!! They are perfect for everyone, especially a woman on the go because of the easy application and the pre-selected blendable colors. If you are an eyeshadow junkie like me, you HAVE to try these shadows out! Look for them at your Estee Lauder counter in September! ❤


July Birchbox


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I had several packages waiting on me when we got home… one of them being my Birchbox! I haven’t had a chance to use any of the products below, this is just a post to highlight what came in this month’s Birchbox.

canon 028 canon 029

Birchbox bobby pins: These are actually really cute and I was very pleased in receiving these! They are white with a gray/black criss-cross pattern.

canon 030

Benefit! It’s Potent Eye Cream: I like trying Benefit products, so I was very happy about the eye cream! It is a very small sample size 032

Super Comb Prep & Protect: This is a spray to protect your hair from damaging sun rays. I think this sample will last about 3-4 uses; still a great value though!canon 033 canon 035

Instain Long Wearing Staining Powder Blush: I thought the packaging was super cute because it looks like a magazine cover. Once opened, there is a sample of blush. The color looks very versatile, however this is a very small sample. canon 036

DDF Acne Control Treatment: I tried finding this product online to find the value of it, and a slightly larger tube costs around $40. This product is technically not “full-size” but in my opinion might as well be full size because it would last a long time if used as a spot treatment.


July’s Birchbox Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars.

The Benefit cream was a plus, and I really liked that they threw in the acne treatment. However, I’m not pleased with the size of the blush as you would not get many uses from it. The hair spray is nice, but I’ve never heard of the brand which makes me a little iffy about it. And the two bobby pins I can live without. I subscribed to Birchbox for beauty products, not hair accessories.


Our Honeymoon!


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We took a cruise from Florida to Cococay, Bahamas, then to St. Thomas and St. Maarten in the US Virgin Islands. We had such a great time. It was our first time ever going on a cruise and we felt like royalty the whole time.

Cococay, Bahamas:

honeymoon 054 honeymoon 062 honeymoon 068 honeymoon 075 honeymoon 078 honeymoon 087  honeymoon 100

St Thomas was by far our favorite island. The shopping was amazing and the beaches were breathtaking:

DSC00534 DSC00542 DSC00549 DSC00561

I spent alot of time in the MAC store. 🙂DSC00582

The following is Magens Bay Beach, it is named one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by National Geographic. The view is amazing and there were no waves which made the water crystal clear no matter how deep you went.DSC00593 DSC00598 DSC00603

St Maarten was amazing also. The water was just as beautiful!

DSC00655 DSC00660 DSC00670 DSC00672 DSC00680 DSC00706

That is my honeymoon in a nutshell. We had such a great time and cannot wait to do it again. Makeup posts are coming soon! ❤

Im back, Ladies!

The honeymoon was amazing. The caribbean looked photoshopped because the waters and beaches were so breath-takingly beautiful! (Pictures coming soon, promise!) The hubby got internet today so be expecting a full post very soon! While I was gone I received several beauty boxes that I cannot wait to share with you. I also took advantage of duty-free shopping on my honeymoon and stocked up on some goodies. 😉 talk to you soon ladies!!

Im Married!!


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Sorry ladies, I have not neglected you. Ive been busy getting married!

Today has gone by so quickly and everything went perfectly. The wedding ceremony was short and sweet and my husband cried while saying his vows (luckily I held it together). The reception was perfect; the food was amazing and the flowers were beautiful and the honey wedding jar favors were a hit! As of right now we are driving down I75 headed to our cruise ship! We are so excited and blessed! My husband (that is weird to say) got me a Naked2 palette so I will definitely put up some DIY looks after the honeymoon. 🙂 here are a few pictures from today:






Shine On Blog Award


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I was nominated for the Shine On Blog Award by PagebyPaigeBeauty! Thank you so much Paige for nominating me! Please stop by her awesome blog! I’ve only been blogging a few weeks and I’m so excited someone nominated me! 🙂


The rules of this award are…

  • Proudly display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you and thank them.
  • List 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you’ve nominated them.

7 Facts about me!

1. I am obsessed with collecting vintage china pieces. Weird, I know. But there is something about a beautifully unique gold-rimmed floral plate from the early 1900’s that makes me want more, more, more!

2. I drink a Chai Tea every night before I go to bed. Hey, it helps me relax and go to sleep.

3. I want a Papillon puppy. They’re like chihuahuas with furry ears… so cute!

4. I am an only child, but I have always wondered what it would be like to have a sister.

5. I am going on my first cruise in 13 days and I could not be more excited!!

6. I am getting married in 12 days and I’m a little nervous to say my vows in front of 200 people.

7. I like never blow dry my hair. 50% laziness/50% its damaging to my hair.


15 blogs I nominate:

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Birchbox Time!


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I was finally taken off the Birchbox wait list! My very first Birchbox came today and it felt like Christmas when I saw that hot pink box in the mail! I must say I was not disappointed at all.



This month’s theme was “Wanderlust” featuring travel themed goodies, which is perfect for me since im leaving the country in 17 days! 🙂


The first item was a box of Tweezerman nail files. These would be great for travel and is the perfect size to slip into a purse or makeup bag. ($5)


The second item is Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face. It smells amazing and contains organic evening primrose extract and borage seed oil. It seems pretty gentle and cooling to the skin which would be perfect for a day in the sun. (Full size $32)


Kérastase thermo-radiance protecting milk for color-treated hair. At first I thought this was shampoo and conditioner but its actually a leave-in treatment. It says to apply two nickel-size amounts to hair and style as usual. These should last a while! (Full size $42 )


Color Club nail polish in “Reign in Spain”. A gorgeous pinky/coral shade; perfect for summer!! I change nail colors quite often and even though this isnt full-size it will last a while! Ive heard great things about Color Club so I cant wait to try it. (Full size $8)


Last but not least, my favorite, Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick in “8. Cheeky Kiss”. This has to be a full size product and I was soooo giddy to see this in my birchbox.


This can be used as a lip color or a blush. The color is beautiful and it is very creamy.


Alot of lip colors can be drying or make the lips dry and cracked, but this one actually feels like shea butter. It is wonderful! ($26.55)

Thanks for reading. Please follow! 🙂

What’s in my Travel Bag!


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The future hubby bought me this fabulous Vera Bradley hanging organizer in “Tutti Frutti” to take on our honeymoon.  I recently went to target and bought some “must haves” for our trip. Keep in mind this is certainly not all the travel sized goodies I am taking. I will update more on what im taking when I start really packing.


I had to have my makeup remover wipes of course, although I dont think I will be wearing that much makeup on our honeymoon. Tissues for my ridiculous allergies. Gotta have sunscreen, because a sunburn is never cute nor healthy. I like Banana Boat sunscreen. I had actually bought Target’s Up and Up brand sunscreen but I read horrible reviews on how it ruined swimsuits and didnt protect from the sun. So I returned it and got a more reputable brand. 🙂 St. Ives moisturizer– yall know how much I love this stuff. The future hubby needed body wash and shampoo. A first aid kit because you never knoe when you will need it! Better safe than sorry. Tresemme shampoo, my conditioner I bought is MIA. Downy wrinkle release because irons are so overrated. Lip balm with spf 15, bar soap, and Tums.

This is just a little sneak peak! More to come. 🙂