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A few weeks ago I bought 2 Jergens Natural Glow Products. One being the Natural Glow Moisturizer in “Medium to Tan”, and the second being the Natural Glow Foaming Moisturizer in “Medium to Tan”. At Walmart each bottle of Jergens Glow had a $3.00 off any 2 coupon.

I had read great reviews on the products and decided to give them a try since they are safer and cheaper than a tanning bed. So I took a shower and was sure to exfoliate very well, dried off really well and then applied the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer in place of my normal post-shower moisturizer.  The bottle said “Now without odor” so I was super happy about that. When applying the moisturizer I did not notice any change in the color of my skin and there was a slight “self tanner smell”, but my skin did feel moisturized. Later that night I smelled horribly of self tanner, it was honestly awful! Jergens should honestly be ashamed of labeling their products with “no odor”, that had to be some sort of joke.

I followed the same routine for several more days. After about 3 days people started noticing my “glow”. Note that you are not going to look like a bronze goddess after using this, however you will look flatteringly sunkissed. Also note that it takes about 3 minutes to dry. I doubt it would stain clothes, but you dont want splotchy skin either.


On to the foaming moisturizer… I felt of this foaming “moisturizer” before I used it and I felt little to no moisture. Therefore, I decided to use this a few hours after using my St. Ives moisturizer. It was decent. It dried fairly quickly which made it kind of difficult to know where it had been applied. It will certainly continue the “glowing” process but I think I will stick with my regular Jergens Glow Moisturizer.

Overall, I prefer the moisturizer over the foam. Although it takes longer to dry, at least it provides moisture and its easier to tell where it has been applied. Both provide the same color intensity, but keep in mind it will take a few days until you begin to see color. If you can deal with the odor, for about $6 its pretty good!

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