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Yesterday I was so busy and had no time to post about anything! I’m getting married in 5 weeks so yesterday consisted of Thank You cards, making hostess gifts for my bridal shower tomorrow, and getting pictures framed! Life is busy busy busy right now.


Let’s talk about foundation! I have used several different types of foundation. To me, foundation is something that is OK to splurge on. I have found a happy medium as far as a quality, fairly inexpensive foundation: Estee Lauder’s Double Wear ($36). I know, I know, you’re probably thinking $36 is not “fairly inexpensive” but trust me, by the time you’ve bought your 3rd CoverGirl foundation in your correct shade just to find out you don’t like the coverage- you could’ve bought the Double Wear and been 1000% more pleased! I love this stuff. Even when I worked for Lancome, I wore this awesome foundation- Hey, when you like it… you like it!!


The finish is semi-matte and oil free/oil controlling which is a plus for me considering I have combination oily skin. Double Wear is medium to full coverage, but is not heavy and does not clog pores. It stays on all day and is humidity resistant which is important if you live in the south like me! But don’t worry, if you have dry skin you can still wear this foundation! Just use a good moisturizer or illuminating primer underneath. It truly gives a “flawless” effect without looking “made up”!P1040954

I also love how it pours out rather than being a pump foundation; I find that it’s easier to get the last drop out of the bottle this way. I just pour a small amount on the back of my hand and apply it with my fingers. I know that applying with the fingers is not politically correct in the makeup world, but hey it works for me and saves me from having to wash a brush everyday. And until I get a beauty blender sponge, fingers will do.

Estee Lauder recently reconstructed the formula of this foundation and added new shades to accommodate more skin tones. I went to EL’s website and the Double Wear foundation had very poor reviews, but it was mainly people complaining about the formula change (which I have not noticed). I think a lot of people freak out when a formula changes in their favorite product. I wear Desert Beige, and I have not noticed a change in color formula nor in the foundation formula itself considering I have been wearing it for about a year and a half.

A lot of people wear Double Wear by itself, I prefer a powder to set it. The coverage found in Double Wear is so outstanding you can use just a sheer powder to set it. Also, I do not have to use a concealer because the double wear performs so well!


Working in the makeup industry, believe me when I tell you this is a great foundation! It is worth every penny! Stop by your local Estee Lauder counter and request a sample of foundation. If you prefer less coverage but still want the staying power, try the Double Wear Light. Estee Lauder gives foundation samples all the time because they know if you try it you will love it!

Thanks for reading and please follow and make requests!!