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I made a boo-boo this weekend. I went to sleep with makeup on… and guess what? I have 4 huge pimples to prove it! Luckily, I have a few miracle products for breakouts.

Merle Norman Clarifying Clay Mask:


I use this about once a week all over my face. It contains Kaolin Clay which is AH-MAZING for oily skin like mine! It draws about impurities and really dries out any pimples one may have. It goes on like a white paste and dries tightly to the skin, then you simply rinse off with water after about 20 minutes. When I get a stubborn pimple I will put a dab on it before I go to sleep and when I wake up it will be almost gone. This bottle will run you about $20 or so, but it had lasted me over 2 years!!

Clinique’s Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel:


This is literally a miracle in a bottle. I cannot express how amazing it is. I’m not sure what is in this little miracle bottle, but it dries up ANY pimple within about 30 minutes. I carry this in my purse in case I get an annoying zit. The great thing about this is that it can be used on top of makeup! Just dab a little on the problem area and you’ll feel it working (it stings a little, but that’s how you know it is working). I sometimes put this on at night when I don’t feel like using my clay mask, and it will make a pimple disappear… poof… gone. I recommend this to all my customers even though I don’t promote Clinique. Like seriously, everyone needs this.

http://www.clinique.com ($16)

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