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As you girls know, I’m obsessed with Urban Decay. I have yet to be disappointed or felt as though I wasted my money. The Vice Palette is no different; It’s the best $50 I’ve spent (besides the Naked Palette of course). Unlike the Naked Palettes, the Vice Palette was made for the makeup dare-devil. It has the most vivid blues, pinks, greens, and purples; the possibilities are endless!!


The 5 colors at the top are:

Desperation: A gorgeous smoky brown (shimmer).

Muse: A rich chocolatey brown, a MUST for any beauty guru. 🙂 (shimmer)

Jagged: A light greenish yellow with a tint of gold- one of my favorites! The fallout is a little bad with this one, but the color itself is beautiful. (shimmer)

Blitz: A vivid yellow gold, this color really “pops” when used with any of the brighter colors! (shimmer)

Penny Lane: A copper, like the color of a penny! Reminds me of a color from my Naked Palette. (shimmer)


The next 5 in the palette are:

Junkie: As you know I’m a sucker for greens, so this is my favorite! It’s a beautiful glitzy emerald green (shimmer)

Chaos: I’m iffy about this shade. It’s very dull and you have to really pack it on to get the outcome you want. It would probably look best with a blue cream underneath. (matte)

Occupy: This is a deep navy although it is hard to tell from the picture. It is another one of my favorites! (shimmer)

Unhinged: I like to call this one “mermaid blue”, it is a gorgeous aqua color. (shimmer)

Black Market: Just your basic black with little to no sparkle. (semi-matte)


The Next 5:

Provocateur: This color is my number 1 favorite of all time! I can’t even tell you how much I am in love with this color. First of all, apply it with a wet brush on a VERY primed eye because the fallout is so ridiculous. It contains huge chunks of glitter but that’s what makes it amazing. (shimmer-duh)

Rapture: A very deep purple. It’s a very pretty shade but personally I don’t like it that well because it tends to turn grey on me depending upon which colors I use with it.

Vice: A vivid shade of purple and this looks straight up awesome with my green eyes. If you have green eyes this will bring them out tremendously (as with any purple). (shimmer)

Noise: A hot pink with chunks of glitter. Personally, it is hard for me to find a truly hot pink eyeshadow and I was so excited to use this one! The color is actually very matte with awkward sprinklings of glitter in it, which I don’t really care for. But overall the color is pretty! (semi-matte)

Armor: Just your typical grey. Eh, what can I say I just don’t use grey very much. (shimmer)


The final 5:

I think all of these were meant to be brow highlighters, I found most of these were too dark or too pink.

Nevermind: A light taupe color. Very pretty as a soft contour color. It actually reminds me of a lighter version of “Sidecar” from the original Naked palette. (shimmer)

Echo Beach: A sand shade. This could be used as a brow highlighter although a find it a tad bit dark for a highlight. I actually prefer to use this as a face highlighter. 🙂 (shimmer)

Anonymous: This is a nice nude shade/light sandy taupe. Very similar to MAC’s Brule shadow. (matte)

Free Bird: A light cotton candy pink. This pairs very well with alot of the shades in this palette.

Laced: A very light brown. Who doesn’t need a basic basic brown? (matte)


Overall: This palette will not disappoint. I do find myself using shades I already have to pair with some of the shades in this palette. The colors are very pigmented for the most part. Urban Decay is known for their creamy-like powder shadows, and this Vice Palette is no exception!

Where to find it: http://www.ulta.com or http://www.sephora.com