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The future hubby bought me this fabulous Vera Bradley hanging organizer in “Tutti Frutti” to take on our honeymoon.  I recently went to target and bought some “must haves” for our trip. Keep in mind this is certainly not all the travel sized goodies I am taking. I will update more on what im taking when I start really packing.


I had to have my makeup remover wipes of course, although I dont think I will be wearing that much makeup on our honeymoon. Tissues for my ridiculous allergies. Gotta have sunscreen, because a sunburn is never cute nor healthy. I like Banana Boat sunscreen. I had actually bought Target’s Up and Up brand sunscreen but I read horrible reviews on how it ruined swimsuits and didnt protect from the sun. So I returned it and got a more reputable brand. 🙂 St. Ives moisturizer– yall know how much I love this stuff. The future hubby needed body wash and shampoo. A first aid kit because you never knoe when you will need it! Better safe than sorry. Tresemme shampoo, my conditioner I bought is MIA. Downy wrinkle release because irons are so overrated. Lip balm with spf 15, bar soap, and Tums.

This is just a little sneak peak! More to come. 🙂